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    The following letter was received from Sister Mary Galeone:

    Subject: injustice against one of our srs and the people of God

    Dear Friends:

    I would like to bring to your attention the situation at St. Francis Xavier Parish in New York City. Xavier has been a Jesuit parish for 150 years and has striven to put into place the best of the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. The parish has had a spirit of team ministry and collaboration between staff members and parishoneers. There has been a deep concern for issues of social justice, for the rights of women in the church, and for the inclusion of all people in the life of the community. At least one Sister of Mercy has been on the parish staff over the last twenty years. Since a new pastor was appointed in October of 1996, parishioners have felt that the spirit of collaboration and openness in the community has been deteriorating. Decisions over the last few months have made matters worse. Recently, Honora Nicholson, RSM, who had been on the staff for six years, was dismissed from the staff without adequate reason and without respect for the Archdiocesan process for terminating religious working in the archdiocese. Parishioners have not received answers to their questions about what is going on. Decision have been made without consultation with the parish community. Honora Nicholson, RSM and the parish community of St. Francis Xavier are in need of your prayerful support. I also ask you to stand in solidarity with Honora by writing the Jesuit Provincial, Father Kenneth Gavin, SJ. Please tell the Jesuit Provincial that you are concerned about all involved--parish, staff and pastor and that you are concerned :

      1. about the unjust treatment and sudden termination without cause of Honora Nicholson, RSM,
      2. that the inclusive, collaborative spirit of this parish not be destroyed,
      3. that the New York Province of the Society of Jesus act to remedy the injustices that have occured and to provide the parish with appropriate leadership.

    Ken Gavin, SJ can be reached at 105121.3515@compuserve.com or at 39 East 83rd St. New York, NY

    10028. The pastor, Lou Sogliuzzo, SJ can be reached at 55 West 15 St., NY, NY 10011 Thank you,

    Mary Galeone, RSM

    1 November 1997: Additional information is posted in the webpage of Rich Perri, one of St. Xavier's parishioners.


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