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Contemporary Catholic Belief and Action


The mission of ARCC is to bring about substantive structural change within the Catholic Church by seeking to institutionalize a collegial understanding of church where decision making is shared and accountability is realized among Catholics of every kind and conditio n.
Once people start to believe change is possible, 
the drive to achieve it accelerates. 
                                          -   Patrick Sullivan, ARCC President
Tell William Barr
Don't bring back
 the federal 
death penalty 
Last week, Attorney General William Barr directed the Trump Justice Department to bring back the barbaric and ineffective death penalty, and immediately schedule the first five federal executions in 16 years.
The death penalty is wrong. Today, we remember Jesus's words:  "Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone."
If enough of us raise our voices now, we can show the Justice Department -- and the media -- that American Christians are taking a stand on this important moral issue!
There are many reasons why Christians and churches across the country oppose capital punishment: DNA testing proves hundreds of innocent people have been sentenced to die. It is expensive. And the racial disparities within the system are the very height of injustice.
Only last year,  Pope Francis revised official Catholic teaching to oppose the death penalty in all cases: "The dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes." (Attorney General Barr is Catholic.)
The pope's point was echoed yesterday by activist  Sister Helen Prejean, who asked, "When a penalty is absolutely final, surely we must seek a flawless system, and what government, what group of people, can deliver that?"
The National Council of Churches has also opposed the death penalty since at least 1968, citing "our Christian commitment to seek the redemption and reconciliation of the wrong-doer."
Above all, we know that it is simply immoral. The Bible tells us to forgive, to embrace grace, and quite clearly, "You shall not kill." Remembering these Scriptural values, let's raise our collective voices for a more just nation today -- and  join the long tradition of Christian opposition to the death penalty.
Thanks for everything you do to love your neighbor.
In peace,
- Rev. Nathan and the Faithful America team
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