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The Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (ARCC) sees its origin in the recognition that the Spirit speaks through all in the Church, (as subsequently affirmed by Vatican II) which the Catholic hierarchy seemed to forget.  Far too many hierarchs refuse to listen to, or learn from, or acknowledge how the Spirit speaks and teaches through the universal experience and evolving understanding of the Christian communities, People of God.  

ARCC's Charter of Rights arose as a collective voice to inform Roman Catholic leaders and administrators of the rights of Catholics to be heard and respected, as they fulfill their responsibilities in the church. 

Since the 1980s, ARCC has made much progress. But teaching and learning remain an ongoing process and ARCC's role continues to be an informed and strong support in this evolution, giving expression to the voice of the People of God and facilitating their listening and learning.   

To this end ARCC would offer church leaders the wisdom of Catholics in the pew, who are, after all, by far the largest group within the Roman Catholic Church. ARCC urges all Catholic leaders to listen and learn rather than repeating  answers to questions that Catholics in the pew stopped asking.  They know that failed marriages are a fact of life, and more often than not, re-married Catholics are strong, loving, stable, and grace-filled, successful in the sight of God. They know that the sacraments are not rewards for virtuous living but food for sinners in their life’s journey. Catholics wonder if church leaders really understand this. 

They know that one’s conscience is a reliable guide in family planning and responsible parenthood. They doubt that church leaders recognize this when they continue to understand  human sexuality as exclusively male/female activity when couples know from lived experience that sexuality involves so much more  - a broad spectrum of human life, attraction, affection, intimacy, and love.  They know that the use of contraception is not always irresponsible.  They know that supporting candidates for office is no longer a one-issue concern.

In months to come, ARCC – the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church – will endeavor to inform and challenge all in the church to be more open to hear the voice of the Spirit speaking through, and to, all in the Church. The following is an on-going list of sources where Catholics and others express a more prophetic, faith-filled voice, than that ordinarily heard from the hierarchy.

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