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Austria and Germany

Dialog für Österreich -- Dialogue for Austria: Ingrid Thurner's letter to friends of the We Are Church movement throughout the world. Alternate site.

Excerpts from an interview with  the newly appointed bishop of Innsbruck, Alois Kothgasser: the importance of dialogue.
Alternate site.

Professor Hans Küng's comments  to Christian Weisner concerning the March 1998 letter.  Alternate site. 

March 7 1998 Letter from Cardinal Ratzinger to the Austrian Bishops' Conference in which he gives limited approval to the participation of members of the "We Are Church" group in the "Dialogue for Austria," an official Church-sponsored event. Alternate site.

Translation of Bishop Reinhold Stecher's January 1998 response to his critics.

Translation of Bishop Reinhold Stecher's November 1997 letter critical of  the "Instruction on Certain Questions Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of [the] Priest" (15 August 1997) and recent Roman policies concerning conditions for ordination and married priests.

Two Letters from Cardinal Ratzinger to the Austrian Bishops' Conference in which he is very critical of efforts to democratize the Church. Alternate site.

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Challenges Facing Catholicism
(Bishop Geoffrey Robinson in converation with Dr Ingrid Shafer)

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