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n Rome, the Catholic Bishops are meeting in their Synod. Outside the Bishops' meeting, representatives from reform groups around the world are holding a Shadow Synod to try to communicate with the Bishops about the need for structural changes in the Church and the need for more collegiality  (URL: www.shadow-synod.net). These are exciting times in the Church.  The Spirit of Vatican II is alive and well.
In Washington, D.C., the ARCC Board of Directors just concluded its Fall meeting with a discussion of many important issues (see M.L. Hartman's column).  Among these issues, the Board discussed the need for a stronger support system for ARCC.  We need to expand our membership, become more diverse, and significantly increase our financial support. 
This is where you, our members come in.  We need your help to accomplish these goals.  Some of you have given Gift Subscriptions
of ARCC Light to friends.  We thank you.  For the rest of you, please consider giving a Gift of ARCC Light as a Christmas present.  Your friends will enjoy being informed about Church Renewal,  just as we are.  See our box on p.2 for our time-limited half price special gift offer.
On the remittance envelope, some of you have sent us the names of friends who you would like to receive information on ARCC.  We have sent them the information and some of them have joined. Thank you and please send us more names.
Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have sent in additional gifts with your membership renewals.  God bless you for your generosity.  And by the way, please pass this copy of ARCC Light on to a friend.
John F. Sheehan

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The representatives called on the hierarchy to significantly increase efforts on behalf of women and to officially withdraw the ban on the use of artificial contraception.  The failure of this teaching is a prime example of the Doctrine of Reception.  A doctrine which ARCC has been teaching with its pamphlet "The Canonical Doctrine of Reception" by Rev. James Coriden, JCD (available from the ARCC office) for several years. 
Praising the bishops for their recent Jubilee Campaign on working to cancel the debts of developing countries, SOPOG asked the bishops to work with them in combating oppressive aspects of globalization.    Delegates will be returning to their countries and networks to begin plans for dialog with bishops.  ARCC will be involved in this effort through our membership in WAC North America  (We Are Church, NA). 

Mary Louise Hartman, President

ARCC Light is published eight times per year by the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church.  For membership information, contact ARCC, John F. Sheehan, National Coordinator, PO Box 85, Southampton, MA 01073 
Phone/fax 413 527-9929 
E-mail: arccangel@charter.net 
Suggested dues are $25.00 per year, and include a subscription to ARCC Light and a copy of ARCC's Charter of Catholic Rights.  ARCC Web site: http://arcc-catholic-rights.org/
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Our readers are invited to join in our ongoing conversation about rights in the church.  We are anxious to learn of your experience and your ideas concerning our cause, the pursuit of justice in the church.  Write us at one of the addresses shown in the box at left.  We will be happy to publish letters judged to be of general interest.

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