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The Fact of Evolution (Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:12 pm)

The recent flap over evolution sells God short. What kind of God needs to
constantly tinker with creation to get it to work right, as if God's creation was flawed from the start? From what we now know, it appears that from the beginning matter was created by its very nature to evolve into continuous complexity. It is the work of science to discover and explain the rules of material nature. It is not the task of authoritarian religious types to explain creation with "pseudo-science."

Humans can't compute all the natural laws of matter - yet. As Einstein said, "Even the great initial success of quantum theory does not make me believe in the fundamental dice game." Randomness is a human construct. Humans attempt to thus describe the occurrence of events which have no known controlling factors. Deviation from physical laws can only occur through the intervention of human free will. Otherwise, created things follow the laws of matter inherent in their nature from the big bang.

The evolutionary development of human self-consciousness and free choice is how we have continued to evolve into the image and likeness of God. With this ability we can freely choose to accept suffering, offer our life for a friend, choose good or noble actions, and avoid those not pleasing to God. It is our evolutionary destiny to use free will to make our choices more like God's - who did intervene to teach us one rule: "Love one another as I have loved you."

ARCC reflects and defends this God-like prerogative that we all have received as part of God's plan from the beginning, "All Catholics have the right to follow their informed consciences in all matters" (Charter of Rights of Catholics in the Church, Rt. No.1 http://arccsites.net/ ).

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