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27 October 2011

Some of the things we've been reading

Exodus as pope's Legion reform lags

By NICOLE WINFIELD - Associated Press

VATICAN CITY (AP) - When Pope Benedict XVI took over the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order last year, expectations were high that heads would roll over one of the greatest scandals of the 20th century Roman Catholic Church.

One year later, none of the Legion's superiors has been held to account for facilitating the crimes of late founder Rev. Marciel Maciel, a drug addict who sexually abused his seminarians, fathered three children and created a cult-like movement within the church that damaged some of its members spiritually and emotionally.

An Associated Press tally shows that disillusioned members are leaving the movement in droves as they lose faith that the Vaticanwill push through the changes needed. The collapse of the order, once one of the most influential in the church, has broader implications for Catholicism, which is shedding members in some places because the hierarchy covered up widespread sexual abuse by priests.

Vatican document calls for global authority to regulate markets

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A Vatican document called for the gradual creation of a world political authority with broad powers to regulate financial markets and rein in the "inequalities and distortions of capitalist development."

The document said the current global financial crisis has revealed "selfishness, collective greed and the hoarding of goods on a great scale." A supranational authority, it said, is needed to place the common good at the center of international economic activity.

Full Text: Towards Reforming the International Financial And Monetary Systems in the Context Of Global Public Authority

Charges a clear message to church, lawyers say

Accountability in Missouri

New York Times Editorial
It has been seven years since the Roman Catholic Church's investigative board of laity warned that, beyond the 700 priests dismissed for sexually abusing children, "there must be consequences" for the diocesan leaders who recycled criminal priests through unsuspecting parishes. American church authorities have done nothing to heed this caution.

Aussie Bishops Meet Vatican on Fired Colleague

Cindy Wooden CNS
VATICAN CITY Australian bishops had a special meeting with top Vatican officials in mid-October to discuss the case of a bishop Pope Benedict XVI removed from office after years of tension with a variety of Vatican offices. Cardinals Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, and William J. Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, met the Australian bishops to discuss the aftermath of the removal in May of Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba.

Australian Bishops' Statement

We express our acceptance of the Holy Father's exercise of his Petrine ministry, and we reaffirm our communion with and under Peter. We return to Australia determined to do whatever we can to heal any wounds of division, to extend our fraternal care to Bishop Morris, and to strengthen the bonds of charity in the Church in Australia.

Response by Bishop William Morris to the Australian Catholic Bishops Statement

The statement of the Australian Catholic Bishops contains inaccuracies and errors of fact evidenced by the documentation relating to the issues concerning myself and a number of Vatican Dicasteries.

The Statement made by the Australian Bishops invites me to tell my story which I will publish in the foreseeable future.

I stand by my statement which I gave to the Australian Catholic Bishops dated 2 May 2011, which I restate below.

Pioneer Nun Dies

Paul Vitello

Anita Caspary, the onetime mother superior who led the largest single exodus of nuns from the Roman Catholic Church in American history, died on Oct 5 in Los Angeles. She was 95. Her death was confirmed by a spokesman for the Immaculate Heart Community, a lay Christian group that she and the 300 nuns who followed her established in 1970 after their break with the church.

Towards an Adult Church

Patty Fawkner sgs

I lament, believing it can be a holy and healthy thing to do. I lament the forced retirement of Toowoomba Bishop, Bill Morris. I lament abuse within the Church. I lament that women's voices are not heard and that their leadership gifts are ignored. I lament that staff of Catholic institutions don't say what they really believe for fear of censure. I lament that a patronising authoritarianism is deaf to the sensum fidelium. I lament that the new wine offered by a hope-filled Vatican II seems to have soured. I lament that an adult Church is yet to be. And I lament my own failure at times to be adult in my faith. ...

I recall that the Church came to birth amidst the unfolding tensions between, paradoxically, the conservative Peter and the liberal, boundary-pushing Paul. Without a liberal component, life petrifies; without a conservative component, the centre doesn't hold.

Read more

Book Review: A Church in Flux

Thomas P. Rausch | OCTOBER 24, 2011

The Crisis of Authority in Catholic Modernity

Ed. by Michael J. Lacey And Francis Oakley Oxford Univ. Press.

At the heart of the crisis of authority in modern Catholicism is the lack of connection between the authority claimed by the magisterium in questions of conscience and belief and what the faithful are willing to accept. And the gap continues to widen. ... This is the thesis of the present volume, edited by Michael Lacey and Francis Oakley. Their purpose is to contribute to an intra-Catholic dialogue. To illustrate this they have assembled an excellent collection of essays, sponsored by the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at the University of Southern California.

Read more

A Call for Unity

John Chuchman

Whether you express your Spirituality
by regularly attending weekly liturgies
in prescribed formats
by using every meal with friends and family
to express Thanksgiving
and enhance Community,
Let's agree
that We are all One
with the Creator of the Universe.

Read more

New Missal

See www.MisguidedMissal.com for information on the new Missal as well as a side-by-side comparison of the 1973, 1998 and 2011 Missals.

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Upcoming Events

ARCC to present Hans Küng Award

to Bishop Gumbleton
on Friday, November 11, 2011

The Award Ceremony will take place at the BWI Best Western , 6755 Dorsey Road, Elkridge, MD 21075 at 7:30 p.m. with a reception to follow. Bishop Gumbleton will be offering remarks on "Vatican II and the Rights of Catholics". The public is welcome. Donation at the door is $10.00. For more information: email arcc@arcc-catholic-rights.net, call (870) 235-5200 or go to http://arcc-catholic-rights.net/gumbleton.


Presentation of Mary Magdalene Award
to Theresa Kane, RSM on Sunday, October 30, 2011

Southeastern Pennsylvania Women's Ordination Conference will present the award at 2:00 p.m. at Saint Andrew's-in-the-Field Episcopal Church, 500 Somerton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19116. Refreshments will follow a prayer service, presentation and comments by Sister Theresa. For more information and directions, email sepawoc@sepawoc.org.

New Ways Ministry's Seventh National Symposium

to be held March 15-17, 2012

From Water to Wine: Lesbian/Gay Catholics and Relationships, New Ways Ministry's Seventh National Symposium, will be held March 15-17, 2012, in Baltimore, Maryland, Major speakers: Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, Luke Timothy Johnson, Patricia Beattie Jung, Richard Rodriguez, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Bishop Geoffrey Robinson will facilitate a pre-symposium retreat day. Workshop topics: marriage equality, transgender issues, youth and young adults, lesbian nuns and gay priests/religious, Latino/a issues, African-American issues, and coalition building. For more information: info@NewWaysMinistry.org, (301) 277-5674 or www. NewWaysMinistries.org.

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